New Year, New Challenge


Welcome back! After a good break of food, celebrations and relaxation, the LKC’s seniors are back practicing in preparation for their first challenge of the new year: the Intercollegiate Taikai, hosted by SFU on January 11, 2014.

The Intercollegiate Taikai will have several post-secondary institutions participating from the Lower Mainland, Victoria and even Washington State. For the LKC, there’s a lot of excitement around this taikai as it’s the club’s second tournament they’ll be participating in. But this time on their zekkens, they will be able to fully represent Langara as one of the many post-secondary institutions with a club to contend with.

During practice, I went around and asked some of the participating seniors how they felt about the upcoming taikai. For some, it will be their second time competing; for others, it will either be their first time or their first time in years. Their responses:

Rahim: Oh no. I actually didn’t even realize it was this Saturday until Noel told me in the locker room, and I kinda went ‘Oh, okay’. So my feelings are kind of like ‘Okay, I’m making peace with it’.

Klaudine: I’m nervous and apprehensive but I’m really excited. I really think it’s important for kendo members to participate because even though they’re not ready, it’ll make them ready for the next one.

Noel: No comment.

Vicky: I feel good. I feel excited. I feel nervous.

Ryota: I don’t feel like I’m ready, but I’m going to have fun with it.

Wes: I’m actually excited. I’m fired up to go. Ever since the last one I’ve been training hard, so I’m looking forward to it.

Len on potentially facing his students: I feel swell. It’s a point of pride to see what their skills are in a high competitive, serious… [distracted by the seniors joking about ‘paybacks’]… Anticipation. High expectations, too.

Note: At this taikai and future taikais, Len will be an opponent. Our instructors and senpais are from other clubs so they will be representing their clubs at tournaments. It will be awhile till we have our own Langara sensei represent us, but until then the competitive banter will continue.

There are only three days left till the taikai. All are welcomed to watch and support.

To everyone participating – Practice hard, fight hard, but more importantly have fun and make great memories.

頑張て~‼ o(^▽^)o


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