52nd Steveston Taikai, Part 2: Results

The 52nd Steveston Taikai just finished!  It was a long day but it was fun to be able to spend the day amongst friends thinking, talking, and doing almost nothing but kendo for nearly the entire time.

Here are the official results from yesterday’s taikai: http://stevestonkendo.ca/2014-steveston-tournament-results/

Congratulations to everyone!  It was awesome to watch your matches and it gives us a lot to aspire towards.

And to our very own Wesley Lee, congratulations on placing 1st in the Adults: 0-4 Kyu category!  For a tournament as large as the Steveston Taikai, it’s not an easy task to accomplish.  Well done!

Here are some photos from yesterday.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any footage of the morning individual matches for the Ladies: 1 Dan and Under and Adults: 0-4 Kyu categories because we were all going at about the same time.  But what I have here are from the Adult Dan and team matches.

Thank you to the Steveston Kendo Club for hosting yet another successful taikai!  We look forward to the opportunity to compete with everyone again next year.


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