2018 PNKF Taikai

This year we had the honor of having our own team for the Annual PNKF Taikai.

Congratulations to Jason Tang for placing 3rd in the 1-3 Kyu Divison!

Included is a playlist of our matches!



Recruiting for Fall Semester 2018

Hello everyone!

We are recruiting new members for the Fall Semester. We accept both beginners and experienced members. If you’re interested in Kendo or would like to join our club feel free to email us at langarakendoclub@gmail.com or join our Facebook group @ Langara Kendo Club.

We will also be having a booth on Clubs Day on September 11th from 10:00am to 3:00pm. There you will be able to sign up for our email list (if you haven’t done so yet) and learn more information about the club. Also don’t be afraid to come by and say hi!

52nd Steveston Taikai, Part 2: Results

The 52nd Steveston Taikai just finished!  It was a long day but it was fun to be able to spend the day amongst friends thinking, talking, and doing almost nothing but kendo for nearly the entire time.

Here are the official results from yesterday’s taikai: http://stevestonkendo.ca/2014-steveston-tournament-results/

Congratulations to everyone!  It was awesome to watch your matches and it gives us a lot to aspire towards.

And to our very own Wesley Lee, congratulations on placing 1st in the Adults: 0-4 Kyu category!  For a tournament as large as the Steveston Taikai, it’s not an easy task to accomplish.  Well done!

Here are some photos from yesterday.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any footage of the morning individual matches for the Ladies: 1 Dan and Under and Adults: 0-4 Kyu categories because we were all going at about the same time.  But what I have here are from the Adult Dan and team matches.

Thank you to the Steveston Kendo Club for hosting yet another successful taikai!  We look forward to the opportunity to compete with everyone again next year.

52nd Steveston Taikai, Part 1: The First of Many

One year ago, I walked into my first kendo tournament.  I had no idea what to expect.  When I arrived at McMath Secondary, the outside of the school was rather quiet.  In fact, it seemed like a Saturday morning Chinese school would be busier.  I was starting to wonder if I had arrived at the wrong location, but I knew it was right place when I spotted a few stragglers carrying their shinais and dragging their bogu bags behind them.  Other than that, I couldn’t really tell from the outside that I was about to walk into North America’s largest kendo tournament, the Steveston Taikai.

It was an experience I’ll never forget.  Majority of us from Langara had never seen a kendo taikai before.  At that time, the Langara Kendo Club was only 3 months old and all of its members hadn’t even started wearing keikogi and hakama, the traditional indigo blue kendo clothing.  We were still getting use to timing our men strikes with our footwork, while our hands and feet blistered and calloused from having baby-soft skin.  That was about the extent of how much kendo we had been exposed to.  So walking into the gym filled with over 200 experienced and well-trained kendokas from all over North America, preparing for probably their biggest fight of the year, was thrilling and exciting.

Fight after fight, each kendokas’ kiai invigorated the adrenaline within me.  There was a personality behind each one.  Some fighting styles were aggressive, others were more calculating.  There were some pairings that seemed to put one at an extreme physical disadvantage, but I quickly learned to never judge a kendoka by their physical appearance.  (Never underestimate the short ones.)  Each strike was so fast that I couldn’t tell which counted as a point.  I wanted to cheer, but I didn’t know who to cheer for.  We hadn’t made friends with others outside of the club yet and only one of our instructors was competing.  So I kept quiet and watched with awe.  The hours quickly went by and before I knew it, the taikai was over.  Awards were handed out, commemorative photos were being taken, and the gym slowly emptied of all 200+ participants.

On that day one year ago, I began to see what would be possible for Langara and personally for each of us if we persevered and got past the challenges of establishing our new little club.

Which brings us to today.  A lot has happened since then (which you can read about in Year One: In Review).

On February 8th, 2014, kendo clubs from all over North America will once again be coming to our little part of the continent to compete at the 52nd Annual Steveston Taikai.  This will be one of the biggest tournaments the Steveston Taikai has hosted in years with over 300 participants.  Back then, I wouldn’t have thought that Langara would be competing just a year later.  But in just two days, 9 Langara members will be on the courts with shinai in hand and spirited kiai for everyone at the tournament to hear.

Here is the list of Langara members who will be competing this Saturday:

Ladies Category: 1 Dan and Under

  • Klaudine “Happy”-Go-“Lucky”
  • Sei “Heavy Hitter” Kaneko
  • Vicky “El Presidente” Wang
  • D.Kai “The Obsessed” Wong

Adult 16+: 0-4 Kyu

  • Rahim “The Nerd” Hasanali
  • Wesley “Cannonball” Lee
  • Byron “Silent M” Lum
  • Noel “The Guard”-iner

1-2 Dan

  • Ryota “The” Kuki “Monster”

(The nicknames were chosen out of love and will change upon request or when someone comes up with something better.)

We will also be competing in the Senior Team category.

It almost seems as if the Steveston Taikai is a culmination of the past year of hard work everyone had put into practices and the previous taikai’s.  Our sensei’s shared their last bit of wisdom in our last practice to help mentally prepare us for such a momentous occasion.  Despite the advice, it may still be difficult to contain the nervousness and excitement of competing in such a massive taikai.  But it will still be a good day when each of us step onto the courts to give it all we’ve got, hopefully emulating the spirits of the kendokas we admired one year ago.  And when our match is done, we’ll be cheering for each other and for everyone who has helped us along the way to get us to where we are now.

We encourage everyone to come out and support all those participating.  Even if you don’t know anyone and don’t know much about kendo, you won’t want to miss this.

The 52nd Steveston Taikai will be held at McMath Secondary School located at 4251 Garry Street, Richmond on Saturday, February 8, 2014.  Opening ceremony will begin at 9am.

9th Annual Intercollegiate Taikai

Today was the Intercollegiate Taikai. It’s an annual event hosted by various post-secondary institutions from the Pacific northwest. There were participants from UBC, SFU, UVIC, U of Washington, and for the first time, Langara. It was a hard battle going up against each of these established clubs as their skill levels ranged from beginner to international competitor. But it was still a great opportunity for people to test their skills and strengthen friendships.

It also felt really good to yell “Langara ファイト!” while Langara zekkens flashed the courts. Here are the results for our club:

Klaudine – 3rd place Non-Bogu
Vicky – 3rd place Women’s Shodan and Under, 2014 Fighting Spirit Award
Len – for UBC, but Langara cheers for him – 3rd place Men’s Nidan and Above
Honourable Mention – Noel, for winning his very first taikai match.

It was a good day. I couldn’t be prouder.

Photos and videos to come.

New Year, New Challenge


Welcome back! After a good break of food, celebrations and relaxation, the LKC’s seniors are back practicing in preparation for their first challenge of the new year: the Intercollegiate Taikai, hosted by SFU on January 11, 2014.

The Intercollegiate Taikai will have several post-secondary institutions participating from the Lower Mainland, Victoria and even Washington State. For the LKC, there’s a lot of excitement around this taikai as it’s the club’s second tournament they’ll be participating in. But this time on their zekkens, they will be able to fully represent Langara as one of the many post-secondary institutions with a club to contend with.

During practice, I went around and asked some of the participating seniors how they felt about the upcoming taikai. For some, it will be their second time competing; for others, it will either be their first time or their first time in years. Their responses:

Rahim: Oh no. I actually didn’t even realize it was this Saturday until Noel told me in the locker room, and I kinda went ‘Oh, okay’. So my feelings are kind of like ‘Okay, I’m making peace with it’.

Klaudine: I’m nervous and apprehensive but I’m really excited. I really think it’s important for kendo members to participate because even though they’re not ready, it’ll make them ready for the next one.

Noel: No comment.

Vicky: I feel good. I feel excited. I feel nervous.

Ryota: I don’t feel like I’m ready, but I’m going to have fun with it.

Wes: I’m actually excited. I’m fired up to go. Ever since the last one I’ve been training hard, so I’m looking forward to it.

Len on potentially facing his students: I feel swell. It’s a point of pride to see what their skills are in a high competitive, serious… [distracted by the seniors joking about ‘paybacks’]… Anticipation. High expectations, too.

Note: At this taikai and future taikais, Len will be an opponent. Our instructors and senpais are from other clubs so they will be representing their clubs at tournaments. It will be awhile till we have our own Langara sensei represent us, but until then the competitive banter will continue.

There are only three days left till the taikai. All are welcomed to watch and support.

To everyone participating – Practice hard, fight hard, but more importantly have fun and make great memories.

頑張て~‼ o(^▽^)o

Year One: In Review

Fall 2013: Joint Practice

It’s been just over a year since the start of the Langara Kendo Club; a year filled with many obstacles for a new club, such as maintaining attendance numbers, planning fundraisers, injuries, the discovery of blood blisters on the bottom of feet for the first time, and just being able to keep up with practices. But regardless of all the obstacles, it’s been a successful first year for this group of enthusiastic students.

Here are some of the highlights from the past year:

  • the very first practice
  • the cheers when Harding Sensei announced everyone could wear keikogi and hakama
  • bubble tea fundraisers
  • kendo demonstrations in classrooms and in the main foyer
  • volunteering at and witnessing the Steveston Taikai
  • practicing and developing friendships with UBC and Steveston members
  • kendo-inspired games during Langara’s welcome week
  • the start of the second year where the first beginners become seniors to a new batch of members
  • a massive joint practice with UBC and Steveston which also involved the first set of Langara club members receiving their Langara zekken
  • participating for the first time at a taikai – the BCKF Mudansha Taikai
  • and all the socials (aka late-night Duffin’s)

All of this has been possible because of the guidance from our senseis and senpais from UBC and Steveston.  Through their support and example, kendo has become a part of these Langara members lives.  They have been taught that kendo is more than just a martial arts, but is also a way of life and a community that works hard to support each other during the bad times and to cheer for one another during the good.  (“I hit you because I love you!” as they challenge each other to become stronger kendokas. Note: Totally an inside thing. I don’t encourage abuse outside of practices.)

So as we wind down to regain our sense of self from a gruelling semester and prepare to enter a new year with fresh starts, I leave with you, LKC, a few words from Bill Chung of the Steveston Kendo Club – our sensei, mentor, “Holder of the Orange Cones”, and friend:

Team LKC:

This past semester, you’ve reminded me over and over what can happen when you combine hard work and determination with self reflection and humility. It was a year of epic firsts: our second squad of students swinging their first men strikes, and our Alpha squad competing (and scoring!) in their first taikai. I hope that as we all continue on our kendo journey together in 2014 that you will encounter new ‘firsts’, meet new friends and forge lasting memories.

Happy holidays LKC. Rest up, and get ready to saddle up for an astounding New Year.

-Bill Chung