LCK at Steveston

(Langara Kendo Club members practicing at the Stevston Kendo Dojo)

Who can join?
Everyone is welcome. At our essence, we are a student club, but faculty and staff are more than welcome to join the club. Students must be registered student in good standing with Langara

Can I watch a practice before joining?
Yes. We actually encourage people to come out and watch one of our practices before making a committment. You may notify us in advance with an email to: langarakendoclub@gmail.com, or just announce yourself at the dojo door and one of our members will welcome you.

When can I join?
The club intakes new members only once per year in September (in conjunction with the beginning of the academic year). However, new members with experience may join at any time upon permission from the Sensei or Head Instructor.

Please keep in mind that the club’s curricula is designed to start and end in accordance with the college terms cycles. Thus our sessions run from September – December; January – April and May – August. For further details, please refer to the Schedule page.

How do I join?
Registration is handled exclusively in person either during a Club Day event or through one of our Executive Committee members before the 1st practice in the Fall Term.

How much does it cost?
Membership fees of $40 are due every term and full payment is required before you can begin or resume with practices. For the beginner,  additional or start up costs would be for a start up kit consisting of a shinai bag and a shinai (bamboo sword) which will roughly cost about $25-35, depending on the size.

Are there any additional costs?
Depending on your progress, the Sensei will inform you when you are ready to purchase the uniform: kendo jacket and hakama (usually 6-9 months), or the bogu: body armour  (usually 9-12 months).

* Please note: Bogu – equipment cost varies from store to store: $350.00 – $1500.00, again depending on the quality of the product.

Additional expected equipment costs, would be about 3-4 shinai’s per year depending on how well they’re maintained (based at $35.00-$45.00/shinai).

If the student wishes to compete in taikais (tournaments), they must be members in good standing with the club and with the Canadian Kendo Federation. Individual Tournament registration fees vary in price from $45.00-$50.00, most tournaments include a lunch and are normally held on a Saturday.

CKF Annual gradings are held on the first Sunday of December, again, fees must be up-to-date with the the club and with the Canadian Kendo Federation. (cost varies on the rank applying, starts at $40.00 & up).

Do I need to buy the uniform/armour?
As a beginner, all you need is comfortable work-out clothes (no jeans) and a shinai. You may purchase a uniform (kendo jacket and hakama) or bogu (body armour) only when the Sensei gives you permission to do so (usually after 6 – 12 months of dedication and hardwork).

The uniform and bogu can be purchased through our Official Supplier: Bogushop.com

Once you’re proficient enough, you will be advised by the sensei when you could purchase the bogu (kendo body arnour). Sorry, we do not have any bogu (armour sets) for rent.

I am from another Kendo club, may I join your practices?
Visitors are always welcome! However, please let us know in at least a week in advance if you are coming. You must also ask your head sensei first before going to one of our practices.