New Members – Langara Students

Intake for New Members occurs once a year in September, coinciding with the beginning of the school semester. Demonstrations and Information Sessions will be held during Club Week to allow potential members to experience kendo and to obtain more information about the club.

Registration Requirements:
– Registration Form
– Health Waiver
– $20/Year Club Fee

All forms will be provided during Club Week. All forms and fees must be handed in to a club executive by the 23rd of September. If you require additional forms, please contact an executive member or contact us at Fees will be collected on September 30th.


As a new member, please dress in comfortable workout clothing for practices. As the semester progresses, the sensei will advise when you can purchase a shinai (bamboo sword), and keikogi and hakama (kendo attire). A basic shinai and bag will be approximately $30 and can be purchased through Bogu Shop.

New Members – Non-Langara Students

Langara Kendo Club is new to Langara College and the BC Kendo Federation. We are overseen by the UBC Kendo Club. Due to this circumstance, Langara will not be held liable if any issues arise with non-Langara students and Langara alumni who attend practices.

Outside members are now accepted by the dojo with a fee of $60. People with past experiences can join anytime depending on their level. People with no experience will start in September.


All visitors are welcomed to observe the practices anytime during the year. Please contact us ahead of time and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

Registration Updates

If you would like to receive news of our next registration period, please enter your name and email below and you will be notified of when we will be holding information sessions and accepting new members.