The Langara Kendo Club

Our kendo club was founded in the fall of  2012 to organize and promote the learning and practice of kendo at Langara College. Kendo has been established in Canada for many years, and our club’s mission is to bring together that experience and provide a venue for new members, both experienced and beginners, to practice and socialize.


David Harding – 5th Dan, Head Instructor – UBC Kendo Club
Ray Murao – 7th Dan, Head Instructor – Steveston Kendo Club
Ryota Kuki – 4th Dan, UBC Kendo Club
Leanne Murao – 3rd Dan, Steveston Kendo Club

Founding Members

Raymond Chow – Langara Staff Sponsor
Sei Kaneko
Aaron LevAaron Lev

Aaron – as a former student of the Asian Culture Program at Langara College -chose to introduce a new club that would help cultivate new and enriched cultural experience on campus. He loves socializing, creating, and making things happen. He lives by the motto’s: ‘go big, or go home’, ‘dare to be different’, and ‘no stress, no worries’.


Club Executives

Klaudine GoKlaudine Go
President and secretary
Klaudine is majoring in Bsc Psychology at Langara. She likes watching sitcoms and other tv shows such as ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and enjoys learning new things like how to golf and how to shoot guns.


Fay Cao, Treasurer
Zeal YimZeal Yim,
Zeal joined the club when it started in the Fall of 2012. As his name suggests, he’s passionate towards anything he participates in and always finds a way to make things perfect. It is one of his goals to see the LKC as a standalone club and for the members to be proud to be part of it. Zeal believes “do it best or don’t do it at all.”